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Block Distortion Mod – Make your game slightly more weird by adding distortion to the blocks! Who said all blocks in Minecraft had to be square?

Minecraft can be too plain sometimes. All the blocks are square. Don’t you just wish there was a way to make the blocks look more, well, distorted, similar to how the terrain is in real life?

Well, there’s a way! The Block Distortion mod is a mod, written by the famous Minecraft modder, Risugami, that makes it so blocks, well, have a distorted property added to them. This means that blocks will no longer take thetraditionalsquareorrectangularshape, but will rather take on a more jagged and random shape, like a trapezoid. This gives off the illusion that the terrain in Minecraft is more rugged, and realistic

This is great for realism enthusiasts who desire to have a close to realistic game. Combine this with a shaders mod the the Dynamic shadows mod, a betterviewpointmod such as the Improved first person view mod, and you got yourself a more realistic looking game! Gameplay wise though, this mod doesn’t really add any realism, and doesn’t really add anything to the gameplay at all as a matter of fact. It does make the game look slightly nicer though

In conclusion, this mod is kind of nice, and does add some realism to a certain extent, aesthetically speaking I mean. I would recommend this mod for anyone who would like to change the way their game looks and feels.

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Block Distortion Mod

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