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Blood Mod – Has Minecraft felt unsatisfying and unrealistic when you kill animals? Then this mod is for you!

The Blood Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds blood in your game. What I mean by this, is that it’s not actually blood, but rather red particles that emit whenever you hit a mob, similar to redstone effects. The only real difference is that there’s a lot more red particles, and it takes a while for the blood to disappear. Please note that the skeletons don’t emit blood though. Nevertheless, it still makes killing mobs that much more satisfying. Survival wise, this mod doesn’t really have a use, but it’s still are pretty nice mod to install. The only drawback of this mod, however, is that it doesn’t work in multiplayer just yet because particles are handled by the server. That’s pretty much it for this mod. Now for some screenshots.

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Blood Mod

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Hello there Everybody! I am Joseph, or BlueOrchard, the owner of Minecraft Modding. I mainly direct the Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Maps sections, but I occasionally do server reviews too.

  • Blake J Sweningson

    best mod ever thanks soooooo much

  • Joshua Schuster

    Erm… It says that it could not extract something…

    • I’m assuming you have WinRAR. If not, you should get it. It’s an amazing program that’s also free. Anyways, when you download this mod, right click it, and click extract.

      After that, install it like how the instructions above says.

  • Connor Mac Oud

    it is the installer for 1.2.4