Bluestone Mod (Blue Redstone)


Bluestone Mod – Thanks to this mod you can now have a different wiring configuration that doesn’t interfere with regular redstone wiring!

The Bluestone Mod is a mod for Minecraft that, well, adds blue redstone. you can easily craft blue redstone by mixing redstone and lapiz lazuli. this mod is very useful because now you can now only wiring together without worry of having them connect. you should note though that bluestone wiring can’t power redstone wiring. However, if you connect bluestone wiring to a block, it will power the Redstone wiring right next to that block. Overall, this mod is very useful if you’re making big Redstone contraptions and would like minimize the size of your contraptions. however, the bluestone mod is not so useful if you just making small contractions such as a piston gate. That’s pretty much it. Now for some screenshots of the bluestone mod in action.

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Bluestone Mod (Blue Redstone)

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