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I hate building stuff manually as much as the next guy. The reason being is because of the fact that it’s incredibly tedious to keep placing blocks one by one. Normally, this wouldn’t be that much of a problem if it’s minor details, such as side designs, or decorations even, but it starts to become a problem when you want to build a wall, or a mountain.

Fortunately, there’s a quick for this, and it’s called theBuild Commands Mod. TheBuild Commands Mod does exactly what it says, in that it adds several new build commands into the game, allowing for an easier and more user friendly way to build trees, villages, and general items such as spheres and cubes.

Essentially, this mod is like the VoxelBox mod, but in my opinion, is more user-friendly, and less confusing. Imagine being able to make amazing looking structures, all without having to learn the confusing terminology that comes with VoxelBox or VoxelSniper! But anyways, this mod is meant to save you time. Normally, it would take a while to make a wall because you can only place blocks one at a time, but with this mod, you can just execute a singly command, and ahve that wall built for you quickly!

All in all, theBuild Commands Mod is a fairly well made mod. Even though there are other mods out there that do this, such as the Single Player Commands mod, or even the VoxelBox mod, this mod isn’t as buggy as the other mods, which is a very nice plus. If you’re looking for a mod that does this, then you can’t go wrong with this mod.

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Build Commands Mod

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