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I’ve always liked doing tasks in Minecaft, but as of recently, it seemed like it was really tedious to do the same stuff over and over again. For example, let’s say that you have a massive farming operation going on. Sure, you can automate the breaking process by adding pistons underneath the dirt block the crops are on, but harvesting and sorting is still manual, unless you take advantage of the new droppers that were added into the game. The problem with this, however, is that transporting the crops from one place to another can still be a pain.

Thanks to the buildcraft mod, this is no longer and issue. This building and construction mod allows you to take advantage of several different types of blocks which ultimately allow you to automate various tasks. In addition to that, this mod also allows you to connect the devices to pipes, meaning that the transportation of materials is no longer a hard task. It doesn’t stop there, however. If you’re really good, you can put the pipes through a sorter, meaning that you can separate different materials to different pipes, allowing for better sorting, and different routes for different materials.

This can be useful for those mining and farming operations you have that might be right next to each other. Instead of wasting more resources, you can make it so all the materials harvested go to the same pipe, and then sort it from there. This means that you can transfer all the crops to a separate facility, such as a shed that holds all of your food, while transporting the ores and other materials mined to your mining facility. If you know what you’re doing as well, you can also make it so all of this happens underground, meaning that you don’t have to deal with an industrialized environment if you don’t want to.

This industrial mod is very useful for automating tasks, and is designed to save you, the typical Minecraft player, a lot of time in the long run. On top of saving time, however, it’s also fun to set everything up, meaning that you are essentially expanding the seemingly infinite replay value of Minecraft even more as well. Sure, you can mine an entire chunk’s width and length of resources all the way down to bedrock by hand, but it’s a lot more fun to build a contraption that does this for you, and even places the materials in a chest as well. This means that you can set up mining operations in plains biomes while you can go and find ravines yourself to mine. Essentially, you aren’t taking the fun out of Minecraft, but rather, saving time by mining areas where you normally don’t mine.

All in all, the buildcraft mod is a very nice and unique mod, and is recommended to anyone who would like to automate various processes in the game, or would just like to make Minecraft more industrial like as opposed to the normal rural and primitive play style that Minecraft currently has. Now if only they made contraptions that automatically slay mobs without the use of water or lava.

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1.6.4 1.7.10
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