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Do you want a more efficient light source? Don’t like the way furnaces look? Then the Campfire mod is the mod for you, the campfire mod adds two campfires into minecraft. This mod also addsmarshmallowsfor you to eat and enjoy by your lovely campfire. Thedifferencebetweenthe two campfires is first off that there is twodifferentways to craft them, the first kind of campfire is the campfire with gui you can use it as a furnace but you can only cook food and burn wood, this fire needs to be fed so that it will not turn off, the crating method is similar to the one shown below but instead of flint and steal you use a piece of coal i’m not sure if charcoal works but its worth a try. The second kind of campfire is the always active campfire which is always active, but you can not use it as a furnace.Marshmallows are crafted with two sugars, they can be smelted in either a furnace or acampfireto create thetoasted marshmallow which you can eat. Now that you what this mod provides you can build a camp site, have a few fires and roastmarshmallows, they also a good source of light so enjoy.



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Campfire Mod

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