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Camping Mod – Camp in the great outdoors, all in Minecraft! Leave your home, and hike great distances for the perfect camping spot!

Camping in the great outdoors is incredibly fun. You get to become one with the environment, but at the same time, don’t have to be phased by the environment, such as having to deal with bad weather as much, or worrying about animals attempting to attack you. It’s really fun camping in the great outdoors.Why not bring that fun into Minecraft?

That’s why the Camping Mod was born. The Camping mod is a mod that makes it so you can finally camp in the greatoutdoorsin Minecraft! arguably, you could have been able to do this before normally, but the Camping Mod adds to the experience in my opinion. Rather that building a whole house, you can rather just craft a tent to place on the ground. What’s even cooler is that if you were to right click said tent with a chest or a bed, you can create astoragetent and a sleeping tent, respectively. this means that you can also safely sleep outside without having to worry about mobs attacking you.

In addition to tents, this mod also adds campfires into the game. This is cool because you get a whole campsite experience once you set up the fire and tents. However, despite all this, it can still get pretty lonely, and sort of pointless after a while. That’s why this mod also adds other campers, some world generation features, and achievements!

All in all, this mod is a fairly medium sized mod that has quite a few features. If you’re the kind of person who likes camping, then this mod is for you.

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Camping Mod

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1.8.9 1.9.4 1.10
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