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CapeCraft Mod – Ever wanted to have capes like the people who attended Minecon or Mojang employees? Then check this mod out!

this Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to use capes, just like Mojang Employees and people who attended Minecon. The only thing is though, is that you can also upload your own cape. This means that you aren’t limited to only two capes. There are some drawbacks though, unfortunately. One drawback of this mod is that if you want other people to see your cape and survival multiplayer, they will also need to install this mod too, so it’ll be pretty hard to fool people. Other than that though, this mod is pretty solid.

Like stated before, you can make your own cape. You can do so by downloading this file, edit it with your favorite image editing program, and upload to this site. Yes, you have to register an account on the mod developer’s site and upload your cape there in order for this to work.

There are some other uses for this mod too. For example, you could be making a Superman Minecraft video, and what’s Superman without the cape? Another example would be making fake videos saying that Notch went to your server. Although this is not recommended, because of the fact that you’ll get a bunch of negative feedback, it’s possible. I would recommend this mod for anyone who would like to have a cape. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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CapeCraft Mod

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