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Cart Mod – Ever wanted to be able to have some extra storage in Minecraft by carrying a chest around with you? Then this mod is for you!

The Cart Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to craft a cart that you can pull around with you, without ever needing any rails, like the mine carts do. Even better, is that this cart is all terrain, meaning that you can climb stairs, hike mountains, and even go underwater while still pulling the cart around with you. You can put a crafting table or a furnace inside the cart, but what I really think sells this mod the most is that you can turn it into a portable storage device by placing a chest in it! Here’s the crafting recipes:

It’s a little resource-intensive, but I think you could probably just cut down 1-2 trees and you’ll be able to make everything you need.

Anyways, to use this mod, place the cart down first. After that, either have a furnace, crafting table, or chest in your hand, and right click the cart.The item you chose will now be on the cart! After that, switch to the gloves you just crafted, and right click the cart again. Now, you will be able to move around while pulling the cart! Also, as an added bonus, you can access the crafting table, furnace, or chest while still pulling the cart by switching to something else besides the gloves, and right clicking the item in the cart. To deselect the cart so it will stop following you, just switch back to the gloves and right click the cart. Yeah, the mechanics are that easy, yet this mod has a very good value when it comes to the survival portion of Minecraft! Now for some screenshots.

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