CCTV Mod – Ever wanted a security camera in Minecraft so you can make sure there’s not any Creepers or Endermen outside? Then this mod is for you!

The CCTV mod is a Minecraft mod, that, well, adds a CCTV into Minecraft! This is particularly useful if, let’s say you were up all night mining for iron and diamonds, and creepers might be waiting for you in the front door. With this mod, you can place a camera in front of your house beforehand and you will then know in advance if a creeper, zombie, skeleton, or spider is waiting at your front door. Other than for safety, you can also use the mod for monitoring crops, so you know when your crops are ready! You can pretty much use this mod where you need to see something, but don’t want to go there or don’t necessarily have to go there. Now you might want to know how to craft the CCTV camera and screen. We’ll get into those now.

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