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Do you dislike the large and obnoxious chat box that appears at the side of your screen, that sometimes fills up so quickly you don’t get a chance to read what your friend said? If so then the Chat Bubble mod is for you. This mod replaces that large chat box with a small little chat bubble that appears over the player that types the chat. So if you are on a large server with just one friend all you have to do is look over there head and you will see the chat bubble appear. With this mod no one that isn’t near by and close enough to see your bubble will know your conversation, but make sure you dont get in a large crowd your or a friends chat bubble may be lost within it and may become difficult to read or you may read someones chat message. This mod can also be useful allowing you to locate your friend out of a large number of players, well as long as they are not all spamming the chat. The Chat bubbles mod is compatible with most servers without having a server plug in unlike other mods, like voxel mod which requires the server you are on to have a plug in to support that mod. Enjoy this different form of communication given to you with the chat bubble mod that can function properly on most servers!

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Chat Bubble Mod

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