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Are feather hard to come by in your game? And when you have gathered a descent amount you run out of arrows quickly? Well with the Cheaper arrows mod, this mod allows you to craft arrows without the need of feathers. All you need to craft these arrows arrows is one block of cobble stone and two wooden planks. You no longer need to breed large amounts of chickens just for their feathers which you are not sure that they will drop. Since zombies no longer drop feathers, all you need to do is mine a little, and cut down a few tree’s and you can make at least ten arrows, you can also stack up on arrows while this mod is updated and once the mod is out of date and you have to play vanilla, you will have a large amount of arrows ready for use. Since you can now hoard arrows you can create many traps that include arrows, for example you can have hiddendispensersand place pressure plates in front of a certain location and then once activated it will light your enemies up. So craft as many arrows as possible and destroy your enemies.



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Cheaper Arrows Mod

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