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Checkpoint Mod – Don’t worry about losing your precious goods in that abandoned mineshaft now that you’re able to mark your treasure troves!

The checkpoint mod is very helpful for just about anyone who plays Minecraft, being an essential mod for those who love spelunking and mining. What this mod allows you to do is set down colored flags – which come in a variety of colors from blue to white to purple – to mark any spot you wish to mark. This can include spots of high ore intensity (diamonds galore!) or places where you know you may get killed and drop your stuff, thus needing a marker for future reference.

Now you probably are doubting the usefulness of this, seeing as how the flags are somewhat small and consequently hard to spot. However, what I failed to mention previously is that the spots are also marked on your map, for added convenience. Check out a quick snippet of said feature in the picture below.

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Checkpoint Mod

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