Chocapic13′s Shaders Mod


Chocapic13′s Shaders Mod – Add some shaders into the game to make the game much, much prettier than what it already once was!

Minecraft looks nice, but it’s lacking anything that makes a current generation game a current generation game. By this, I mean that the graphics of Minecraft aren’t exaclty up to par with, let’s say, Battlefield 3. Obviously, the textures will never be as good without a major overhaul, or installing a 256×256+ texture pack, but what I’m talking about are the shadows and the lighting.

this may sound like a daunting task to do, and believe me, it is. Thankfully, however, there’sChocapic13′s Shaders Mod.Chocapic13′s Shaders Mod is a mod that completely changes the shaders of Minecraft to resemble that of a current generation game, meaning that all of the items in the game should have a shadow, along witht he sun having lense flare, and many other visual treats.

Even though this mod doesn’t really add anything to the survival portion of the game, it’s beautiful. This should make commentaries and showcases much more visually appealing, if that’s your thing. I know that I would watch a Minecraft video and enjoy it even more if it has shaders installed. Keep in mind, however, that this mod is very graphics card intensive, and requires quite a powerful computer to run it.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice. Even though mods like this have been done several times before, this mod looks more visually appealing than the current lineup at the moment, mainly because of how vivid and bright the colors are, compared to most shader mods, which look washed out at best. If you are looking for a mod that adds shaders into the game, then this mod is for you.

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Chocapic13′s Shaders Mod

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