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Chocolate Mod – Satisfy your desires for chocolate with this mod! Treat yourself to some chocolate after long hours of mining!

Cocoa beans. I see them everywhere whenever I roam around in the jungle biomes. It’s nice seeing them and all, but there’s really no use to them besides dying wool brown, and making cookies. After that though, cocoa beans are pretty much useless, yet in real life, you see cocoa beans being used for all kinds of stuff, especially chocolate.

Did someone say chocolate? That’s right. The chocolate mod is a mod that puts a use to cocoa beans once more by allowing you to craft chocolate related items! You can now treat yourself to a delicious treat after a long day of mining!

The chocolate mod’s base revolves all around cocoa beans. In order to make liquid chocolate, all you have to do is put one sugar, three cocoa, and a bucket of milk in a crafting table. If you want to make white chocolate, rather than putting 3 cocoa beans in, put three buckets of milk. Liquid chocolate is a necessity for the rest of the crafting recipes.

Anyways, after that, you can put two buckets of chocolate or white chocolate together to make a chocolate bar. You can completely fill in the crafting table withchocolatebars to make achocolateblock. Anyways, enough with the chocolate bar. With the liquid chocolate, you can make chocolate chip cookies! In order to do so, act like you’re about to make regular cookies, but rather than cocoa beans, put a bucket ofliquidchocolate in there. that’s it! Inadditionto that, you can make chocolate cake by replacing the buckets of milk with liquid chocolate!

In the end, the mod isrecommendedfor you if you are craving chocolate in Minecraft, or just plain want to give cocoa beans more uses.

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