ChristmasCraft – Celebrate the winter holidays with Christmas trees and presents thanks to this mod!

The ChristmasCraft mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds several Christmas elements such as Christmas trees, presents, Christmas decorations, mobs, and more! The mod even makes all the biomes a snowy biome! This means that you can get into the Christmas spirit, anywhere in your game! The only downside to this mod though is that it only works during the month of December, and as soon as December passes, all your biomes will return to normal (there might be some leftover snow though!). Then again, this is probably a good thing because if this mod worked all year around, it would probably ruin most of your maps, but hey, this means that the mod will work next year too, so that will probably be something to look forward to if you still have it installed! If you ask me, I personally think Notch should add this into stock Minecraft! Now for some screenshots.

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