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Chunk Loader Mod – Load chunks without evenhavingtobe there with this mod! Farm without even having to be near your farm!

Ever had times where you planted crops and went adventuring, only to find out that the crops didn’t even grow one bit? How could this have happened? Easy, Minecraft has a chunk loading system that depends on the player’s position. This means that if a player is in close proximity of a chunk of land, otherwise known as a chunk, Minecraft will automatically load that chunk. However, once a player gets farther and farther away from the chunk, the chunk will unload itself to conserve memory. The amount of chunks loaded all depends on your computer’s or the server’s render distance.

However, even though this really helps out when it comes to conserving memory, when a chunk unloads, everything on that chunk will freeze, including all those plants you planted on it. Being the adventurer you are, you will come home hungry, and next thing you know, no food to eat. That’s where this mod helps you out. This mod makes it so, if placed, will make a small portion of land surrounding it stay in the loaded state. This means that those plants you planted will continue to grow despite you being away.

Even better is that this mod works with Forge, allowing for multiplayer compatibility. You can even change the configs to make ti so the chunk loader will only keep a chunk loaded if you keep enough fuel in it, such as coal, dirt, cobblestone, eyes of ender, and magma cream. The more rare the item is, the more time it will keep the chunk loaded.

In conclusion, this mod is a great mod for any Minecraft farmer out there who would like to boost their farm’s production rate without having to stay around, waiting for the crops to grow. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Chunk Loader Mod

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