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CJB’s Mod is a mod for Minecraft that consists of several smaller, yet essential mods that make playing in Minecraft much easier. This includes being able to use X-Ray, being able to see the current Light Level, being able to see what biome you are in, being able to teleport, and much, much more. Unlike installing seperate mods, such as the X-Ray mod, and the “What’s My Light Level” mod, you can access all of this conveniently by bringing up the mod’s GUI by pressing the “Y” key. One of my favorite features though, is the quickcraft ability. This is where your GUI changes to that of the Xbox 360 version when you right click on a crafting bench, allowing for faster crafting.

This mod doesn’t just offer features than improve your gameplay. This mod also offers features that improve your interaction with other players. For example, this mod has a feature that when your name is said in the chat, it will make a ping sound so you know that the dialogue was directed towards you. This is useful for when you are in a deep mining session, and your mind automatically ignores the chat bar. I am talking off of personal experience, as this happened to me on several occasions.

All in all, I would recommend this mod for people who would like an edge in Minecraft, due to the sheer amount of features this mod has to offer. Whether is comes to finding ores in your Single Player world, getting the edge in Minecraft servers, or just wanting better chat features. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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CJB’s Mods

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