Clay Soldiers Mod


Clay Soldiers Mod – with this mod, you can now have miniature wars anywhere you want!

The Clay Soldiers Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds different colors of clay soldiers. The thing is though, is that all of these clay soldiers will fight each other because they have different colors. If the clay soldiers have the same color, however, they will be allied and will fight together.

That’s not the only thing this mod has to offer though. You can give them one piece of leather for armor, sticks for weapons, gravel for throwing rocks, you can give one of them a gold bar to see who will be King of the faction (color), and much more!

Note: we have covered this mod before, so if you want a partial list of the mod’s features click this link below:

Alternatively, you can go to the official forums post (link) to get the full list of features. Now for some screenshots of the Clay Soldiers in action.

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Clay Soldiers Mod

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