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Minecraft is really nice, but it’s missing something, and that’s capes. Sure, you could get capes by buying a Minecon ticket, but $99 for a cape is a little too steep in my opinion. In addition to that, you can’t even customize the cape. This is pretty inconvenient really. If only there was a way to wear capes without having to go to Minecon.

Luckily, there’s a fix for that, and it’s theCloakboard Mod. TheCloakboard Mod is a mod that makes it so you can wear a cape in Minecraft, just like all of the people who attended Minecon. Unlike the capes in Minecon, however, you can actually customize the capes added with this mod, meaning that you can look even more unique! There is one drawback, however, and that is that this mod doesn’t show up for people who don’t have this mod installed. I guess that’s the price to pay to look unique

This mod is all about looking unique really. Sure, people can copy your skin, but chances are, they won’t even know that you have this mod installed, so copying your cape is out of the question. Now, imagine telling all of your friends to install this mod. Now, if someone were to copy you, they can easily tell who the real one is without going through too much of a fuss. In fact, you can now trick the imposter without much risk.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to have a cape in Minecraft without having to go to Minecon, or would just like to add another level on uniqueness to their character.

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