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Color Your Weapons Mod – Tired of thedefaultcolor for your tools? well with the Color your weapons mod you can color your tools and sword to a color you choose.

Are you unsatisfied with the color of you weapon? Well with Color Your Weapons mod you can color your weapon and tools thirteen different colors. The items you can dye with this mod are swords, picks, axes, shovels, and hoes. The colors you can use to dye your tools with are lapis lazuli, rose red, cactus green,dandelionyellow, ink sac (black), cocoa bean (brown), orange dye, cyan dye, purple dye, grey dye, pink dye, and lime green. By dyeing your weapons you can organize your weapons and tools by color coding them for example you can organize your weapons by the efficiency, the weapons with the most enchantments and deadliest dye them black.

Or if you just want to make it look different just dye it the color that your desire, what i would do is craft a sword enchant it with sharpness, knockback, and fire aspect dye it red and name it something like the uncontrollable fire sword or you can craft a sword enchant it dye it black and name it the blade of eternal darkness. The possibilities are endless but it is all left to youto decide what you will do with the Color Your Weapons Mod.

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Color Your Weapons Mod

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