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Compact Blocks Mod -Storeyour unwanted blocks moreefficientlythanks to this mod! Now more cluttered messes of cobblestone everywhere!

I hate how all of my chests get filled up with dirt, cobblestone, and sand. After a day of mining, I can literally fill two chests up with the stuff, and that’s double chests! I’m pretty sure you can too, and I bet that’s an annoyance. On top of that, throwing them away is sort of a waste too, because one day it might be needed, just not now. If only there was a way to store these blocks more compactly. Get it? Because the name of this mod is called the “Compact blocks mod”!

“What a lame pun. You shouldn’t have even said that.” Well, you know what? It took me five minutes to come up with that pun. So laugh at it. It will make me feel better about my pun skills. Anyways, the compact blocks mod is a mod that solves all of your problems, by allowing you to craft compact versions of wood, gravel, sand, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, dirt, coal, and redstone.

In order to craft the compact form of a block, all you have to do is make a 2×2 square in your crafting table with the item in hand. There is an exception to this recipe though, and that applies to blocks with other uses, such as sand and wood. If you were to make a 2×2 square, you would have made a crafting table, or sandstone. Rather, for these blocks, you will need to fill the entire crafting table with the stuff. In order to get the material back, just place it in a crafting table, and you should be able to retrieve the same amount you put in to making the compact block.

All in all, this mod is a great space saver, and I would definitely recommend this mod for anyone looking to save some space in their Minecraft world.

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Compact Blocks Mod

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