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Craftable Animals Mod – Acquire the ability to craft any animal in the game with this mod! Farming underground? Much easier to do now thanks to this mod!

Animals in Minecraft are nice and all, but they are a pain to get back to your house. You can lure them in with wheat, seeds, or carrots, but even after that, it’s downright impossible to get them all without the animals losing interest. On top of that, the animals will collide with objects, and will not jump over or go around them. Creating farms in Minecraft takes a lot of patience.

Luckily, thanks to this mod, you no longer have to be patient! Rather, you can justslaythe mob you want to farm, and put its drops into a crafting table! this means that creating farms should go a lot smoother, and this could also mean that you can spawn nether and end only mobs into the overworld as well, allowing for you to create some havoc into your game.

Like I said before, this mod is incredibly useful for farming. For example, let’s say you need a steady leather supply for various reasons, such as books, or maybe even leather armor because you like they way they look. Rather than finding a ton of cows to kill, which can literally take hours, or attempting to farm them by luring them, which can also take quite some time, you can just slay a couple cows and scavenge their meat. In my opinion, this is a nice investmentbecausein order tomaketwo cows, you need eight leather, which is the same amount youneedjust for a chestplate. A chestplate now, or infinite leather later? I think you know the answer here.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and I would recommend it for anyone who would like tohavethe ability to spawn mobs in survival mode.

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Craftable Animals Mod

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