Craftable Chiseled Stone Brick Mod


Do you dislike that you are not able to craft chiseled stone and that you have to find a stronghold to acquire it? Well as the title suggest this mod allows you to craft chiseled stone so that you no longer have to search long and hard for a fewpieces. The crafting recipe is shown below and for some reason the person who developed this mod decided to add chiseled stone bricks into the recipe so you still have to get chiseled stone. This recipe is rather “expensive”, all the you need to craft 8 chiseled stone can all be found in a stronghold. Well now with this mod you can create large structures which use large amount of chiseled stone and not have to worry of going out to find more. So good luck with your crafting and exploring make sure you have alot of space in your inventory your gonna need it.



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Craftable Chiseled Stone Brick Mod

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