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Craftable Spawners Mod – Acquire the ability to craft mob spawners in the game, allowing for some proper mob grinders, even in survival mode!

Mob spawners are nice and all, but they are incredibly rare, and sometime, the mobspawnerspawns spiders, which in turn, end up destroying the possibilities of a mob grinder. Even if you do find a zombie or skeleton spawner, the mob spawner is most likely in a very inconvenient location, meaning that you will have to relocate your house, or travel great distances just to use the spawner.

Well, thanks to the craftable spawners mod, you no longer have to face this issue in survival! The craftable spawners mod is a mod that allows you to, well, craft mob spawners of almost every type of mob there is. All you need is four pieces of iron ingots, four blocks of mossy cobblestone, and the item that the mob drops! This means that you can even have a pig spawner at your house, so you will never run out of pork chops!

The main catch to this mod is the mossy cobblestone really. If you think about it, mossy cobblestone doesn’t spawn anywhere else besides inside dungeons, where there’s a mob spawner in there too. On top of that, there’s usually only enough mossy cobblestone to probably craft about two mob spawners. I guess you can say that the mossy cobblestone is the reason that this mod is still fairly balanced when you look at it from a survival standpoint. Sure, you can now have infinite food, but you can also argue that you can have infinite food regardlessbecauseof breeding.

All in all, this mod is good, and is recommended for anyone who would like to create nice looking mob grinders at a nice location, as in one that doesn’t require you to walk a mile away from your house.

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Craftable Spawners Mod

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