Crafting Table 2


Crafting Table 2 – Ever wanted to be able to just click on an item on a list and it will automatically craft it for you without the hassle? Then this mod is for you!

The Crafting Table 2 mod is a mod for Minecraft that gives you a complete list of all the things you can craft based on what’s your inventory. For example, if you only have a bunch of cobblestone and wood in your inventory, this mod will show you a complete list of everything you can craft based on the materials you currently have in your inventory. This means that, let’s say, an iron pickaxe will not show up on the list as one of the items craftable if you don’t have any iron in your inventory. You might be saying, “Awesome! Now I don’t have to look up those pesky crafting recipes anymore!” You are correct, but also partially wrong. You still have to craft this crafting table! You can do so by using the recipe below:

Pretty easy and the stuff required isn’t so hard to find if you ask me. Anyways, this mod plays a very big role towards the survival aspect of Minecraft as it saves a whole lot of time compared to laying the materials on the crafting grid 1 by 1. A similar game that does this is Terraria, which is a 2d side-scroller similar to Minecraft. Now for some screenshots.

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Crafting Table 2

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  • Aramis Willette

    Didn’t know it need Modloader.It never needed it before.

  • joe goraro

    how many commands does this mod have, because i did everything right and it says mod enabled when i start playing, but no new commands