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Have you always wondered why there is only one species of creepers in the game? I mean, my opinion, there should be several different types of creepers. For example, there should be yellow creepers in the desert just to blend in better, and there should be grey creepers underground, just to make mining slightly harder. If only there was a mod that would add more species of creepers into the game.

Introducing the creeper species mod. The creeper species mod is a mod that does exactly what it says, and that it adds creepers that are, well, varying of species. What this essentially means, is that there will be creepers with special types of attributes in the game, allowing for a much harder game.

This a lot adds several different types creepers. One creeper would be the pork creeper. The pork creeper is a creeper that is essentially what notch had in mind, before he decided to reskin the creeper, making it green. What’s cool about the pork creeper though, is that the pork creeper drop porkchops. This could be very useful for those times where you can’t find any mobs nearby, but are in desperate need of food. Another creeper added into the game would be nether star creeper. The nether Star creeper is a creeper that drops a nether star if killed. The only drawback to this creeper, however, is that it has an explosion radius large enough to destroy an entire house. Watch out for these creepers. This mod adds a couple other types of creepers, but it is up to you to find out what those creepers are, and what they do.

All in all, the creeper species mod is a very nice mod, it is recommended to those people who would like to see more types of creepers in the game, as well as make their game slightly harder as well.

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Creeper Species Mod

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