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Cubic Chunks – In Minecraft, the sky is the limit. Literally. With this mod, you can now change that and expand the height of your world!

The cubic chunks mod is a mod for Minecraft that expands the world’s height to 65,504 blocks tall. That’s about 512 times bigger than stock/vanilla Minecraft’s height limit. Since that’s quite a big number, and it’s almost impossible to build to that height, I think it’s safe to say that the sky is not the limit anymore. This mod essentially makes the place above the skies extend to infinity (I know it’s 65,504 blocks. I’m just saying that creations are never that big to take that much space up). If you ask me, this mod should be implemented into normal Minecraft (or at least extend the current Minecraft’s height limit), because the height limit we have now is outrageously small, and thus, making the height limit a bottleneck when it comes to building huge and life-like creations.

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Cubic Chunks Height Mod

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