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Darkness Mod – Add a few new mobs and ores into your game.Craft new weapons to use and wear new armor out to battle.

Do you want to add more mobs, weapons, andarmor? then the darkness mod is for you. The Darkness mod adds three new weapons, two sets of tools, two sets of armor, two ores and five new mobs that you can fight. The weapons that are added are the Blood hammer of thor which deals 10 hearts worth of damage and can cast lightning, the Blood battle axe which deals 5 hearts worth of damage it can also make the area around you explode, and the Blood dagger which deals 5 hearts worth of damage it has no special ability at the moment. The two sets of tools that are added are the Blood tools which can harvest anything that diamond tools can and have 2 thousand uses in them, and the dark tools which can mine anything that diamond can, they only have 1000 uses, but they can harvest resources faster then blood tools.

The two types of armor that are added are Blood and Dark armor, the Blood armor adds half a shield point, the dark armor adds five shield points, add the shield points to the points that brand new diamond armor has. The ores that are added are the blood ore and the dark ore which can be found at around the same level that diamond ore is found on. The five mobs that are added are the Dark assassin which attacks you with a bloody dagger, can break down doors and is incredibly fast, the Dark brute which holds a blood battle axe , and can break down doors, the Dark knight which holds a blood sword and can break down doors, the dark archer which is similar to a skeleton, and Jack which holds a bloody dagger, is fast and may drop the blood hammer of thor. To craft any of the items you would craft the similar to the way you would craft normal tools, but with dark and blood tools instead of sticks you need diamond. The ores you

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