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DarknessCraft Mod – Add dark variants of the mobs, thanks to this mod! Make Minecraft just like Pokemon XD!

I remember the days where I played Pokmon on the GameCube, and how I really enjoyed it. There was always one feature that really stuck out on them, however, and it was the fact that there were Dark Pokmon. The Dark Pokmon were dark versions of their normal counterpart, and are also tougher and had more health. I always found that to be fascinating. Why not make it so Minecraft has this as well?

Thats why the Darknesscraft Mod came to be. The Darknesscraft mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds in several new elements into the game, with the dark theme in mind. This mod adds two new mobs, and those mobs are the Dark Zombies and the Dark Spiders. Both the zombie and spider are just like their normal counterpart, except they have a darker texture, have a larger hit radius, and also have more than double the health as well.

This mod makes survival much harder, mainly because of the fact that you have to spend more time attacking one mob; almost double the time really. Actually, even more than double the time because the mobs can hit you from further away. This means that if you dont want to get hurt yourself, you will end up having to attack the mobs with a ranged weapon, such as the bow and arrow, or a fishing rod. Just imagine encountering more than 5 of these mobs at one time. Either you run, or you better have amazing fighting skills.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to increase the difficulty of their game, as well as adding a unique theme into the game.

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DarknessCraft Mod

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