Daylight Burns Creepers Mod


Daylight Burns Creepers Mod – Ever wish that those creepers would burn in daylight just like zombies and skeletons? This mod is for you!

The Daylight Burns Creepers Mod is a mod for Minecraft that does just what it says, as in it burns creepers when the Sun is out. for used only happened to zombies and skeletons, can now be applicable to creepers! If you ask me, there should be added into the game, or at least on easy mode.

For example, let’s say that you pulled an all nighter in Minecraft, mining for some iron and coal. It’s finally daytime, and since you don’t have enough food to fight all the mobs from the previous night, and you can’t afford to die, you’re patiently waiting for all the skeletons of zombies to burn off. The problem is though, is that the creepers stay. One of these guys can really mess you up. Now with this mod, you wouldn’t have to worry about being cautious when you go back home, since they burn off just like the zombies and skeletons. Now for some screenshots of the mod in action.

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Daylight Burns Creepers Mod

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