Death Scythe Mod


Death Scythe Mod – Ever wanted to be the Grim Reaper in Minecraft? Then this mod is for you!

Feel as if the current mobs arent enough of a challenge? Then why not face death itself, in this mod the Grim Reaper is added in to the bosss that you can battle in minecraft. Fighting death isnt the only thing you can do you can get 9 different weapons, the Death Scythe which is about as strong as a iron sword, it is unbreakable and it cannot be enchanted. The unholy scythe which is stronger than a diamond sword, un breakable and cannot be enchanted. The holy scythe which is unbreakable, and when it is crafted it acquires fire II and knockback II. The zombie slayer which is unbreakable, and when crafted acquires smite IV. The throw able scythe which deals a large amount of damage.

The thunder scythe which summons lightning and is un breakable. The vampire scythe which leachs blood from enemies which heals you and is unbreakable. The harvester scythe which gives you more of what you use it for example it gives you more wheat and gives you more meat, leather or wool. Finally the scake which is eatable, throw able and regenerates itself. You also get two new armors the reaper armor and the god armor set. Other items you get with this mod are the cursed soul drink which gives you the Strength potion effect but you lose 2 hunger bar. The grindstone which is used to sharpen your scythes. The converter which changes soul pearls to holy and unholy pearls. There is also good and bad halos they both heal but you can only have one in your inventory. There are 2 biomes also added the shadow and the frozen death biome. There are 6 mobs added to the game the greaper which spawn in the shadow biome, death, the frozen (a frozen zombie but stronger), ice ghost, zombie reaper, and ender kid.there are two ores added holy and unholy. A new location is heaven which is only accessed with the sacred halo.

  • Cursed Soul (can also be dropped by mobs)
  • Shady Pearl
  • Soul Pearl
  • Unholy Crystal and Holy Crystal
  • Converter
  • Unholy Soul Pearl and Holy Soul Pearl
  • Reaper Armor and God Armor (all parts are crafted like normal armor)
  • Death Scythe
  • Unholy Scythe
  • Holy Scythe
  • Zombie Hunter Scythe
  • Grindstone
  • Cursed Soul Drink
  • Throwable Scythe
  • Thunder Scythe
  • Vampiric Scythe
  • Harvester Scythe
  • Scake !
  • Sacred Halo
  • Corrupted Halo
Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Death Scythe Mod

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Hello there Everybody! I am Joseph, or BlueOrchard, the owner of Minecraft Modding. I mainly direct the Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Maps sections, but I occasionally do server reviews too.

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