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Decoratives Mod – Your house feeling empty and boring? Well, use this mod to add the shine to your home!

The Decoratives Mod adds a few new furniture that can be crafted and can be placed around your house. This mod also adds a few new blocks that has a very smooth textures. A new machine, The Bark Stripper is apart of the furniture that gives it a variety of looks. The bark stripper is used to chop down different types of wood you get from trees and then drops wooden planks with a texture depending on what type of wood it is. For example, if you get wood from a birch tree and chop it on the bark stripper, you’ll get a white texture with black scrapes on it. With the different textures of planks, you can also create wooden chairs and tables with the planks for a variety of different looks.

An addition to chairs is that you have the option to craft the chair with or without an arm rest. Together, this mod adds a lot of color that can be placed all around your house to give it all a brand new look, you can place the new additions on the floor, on the roof, you can also create many other things with the craftable items that is already in the mod.

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Decoratives Mod

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