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Diamond Meter Mod – Find diamonds at a faster rate now! Strip mining in order to get just one diamond is now athingof the past!

Finding diamonds in Minecraft have become a really hard and tedious task. For one, you have to go deep underground to even have a chance of the diamonds spawning. After that, you will have to end up using a mining technique, such as strip mining, in order to find just a couple of diamonds. These methods are horriblyinefficientwhen if comes to findingdiamondsbecause you will end up going through a couple iron pickaxes in order to make just one diamond pickaxe.

Introducing theDiamond Meter Mod! TheDiamond Meter Mod is a mod that allows you to craft a device that will located diamonds for you. Unlike other mods, however, which are just straight cheating, this mod requires you to have at least 11 diamonds beforehand in order to create the radar itself. This is to preserve the balance in the game, meaning that it won’t really break the game because, let’s face it, if you have 11 diamonds already, more diamonds is just plain icing on the cake.

To use this mod, all you have to do is craft the diamond meter. After that, you keep the meter in your hotbar, and the meter should update itself if it finds a diamond near you. If the diamond meter is plain grey, or has no color, that means that you aren’t near a diamond. If the meter is red, thatmeansyou’re 6-8 blocks away from a diamond, and if you are 4-5 blocks away from a diamond, the meter should turn orange. If the diamond meter is yellow, that means that a diamond is 2-3 blocks away from you.

All in all, this mod is fairly balanced for what it does. Rather than plain cheating, it just gives you hints of where diamonds are, and considering how expensive the crafting recipe is, I would say that this mod is not game breaking at all. If you have a hard time finding diamonds, and would like to get them slightly faster, then this mod is for you.

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