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Double Door Mod – Make two doors open simultaneously thanks to this mod! Redstone wiring is not needed!

Has it ever bother you how double doors don’t open together in Minecraft? it is bothered me for ages, if I ever wanted to fix it, I will end up having to use Redstone. I don’t know about you, but Redstone wiring can get really out of hand, and can really take up some space. Wiring up a double door so it will open up at the same time takes up a lot of space. On top of that, it eliminates the possibility of an underground portion of your house.

That’s this mod comes in to save the day! The double doors mod is a mod that makes it so if you right-click the door, it will open a door right next to it. On top of that though, this also applies to levers, buttons, pressure plates, and even just plain old Redstone wiring. On top of that, this applies to fence gates, trap doors, or pretty much anything that you flick open by right clicking.

this mod is incredibly useful survival-wise. For example, let’s say you just finished watching an incredibly scary movie involving zombies. Due to the shock, your senses are lowered, allowing you to get shocked more often, and have a slower reaction time. You decide to play Minecraft anyways. Suddenly, it’s night time, and you’re reminiscing about the zombie movie you just watched. Due to it, you start shaking, and you lose precision. It’s now hard to walk in the one door. thanks to this mod, you now have extra space to make it back into your house where it’s safe!

All in all, this mod is recommended for anyone who had previous troubles wiring redstone double doors, or just have some slight OCD, and want both of the doors to open at once.

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Double Door Mod

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