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Dungeon Crawler Mod – Become the ultimate dungeon raider with this mod! Mobs will fear you forever!

Mining in Minecraft is exceptionally fun. I always have so much fun trying to survive, while at the same time, I play on the hardest difficulty possible for the maximum amount of mobs. I don’t know why, but the idea of entering a dark place with only a sword and pickaxe, there to mine and slay mobs, is always interesting to me. I really enjoyed getting a reward at the expense of being able to get slain in literally seconds.

I guess you can say that I’m a dungeon crawler, and what do you know, there’s a mod just for me, and that’s called theDungeon Crawler Mod! TheDungeon Crawler Mod is a mod that adds several new items onto the gametoenhance your mining experience, such as daggers,throwableTNT packets, and even a sawed off shotgun.

This mod is meant for people who play survival religiously. Just by looking at the items below, you can tell that this mod is incredibly useful for the survival game mode. For example, let’s say that there’s a dungeon rightblowyou. Rather than jumping in there like you normally would, and end up with really low health, you can first clear the ceiling, and find the spawner. After that, just drop a single stick of TNT on top of the spawner. This should kill anything near the spawner, and can destroy the spawner in the process as well, but since it’s a single stick of TNT, all the treasure should be intact. After that, just fall down with a torch, place it down, and then equip a shotgun or sword and clean the place up. If you manage to do that in less than 15 seconds, you will look extremely cool and whatnot.

In conclusion, this modismeant for puresurvivalplayers who find it thrilling to raid caverns and dungeons. If you’re that kind of player, then this mod if for you.

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Dungeon Crawler Mod

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