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Dungeon Mobs Mod – add more mobs into the game with this mod! Make Minecraft much harder than what is was before!

Fighting mobs in Minecraft is really fun! The fact that you can either dominate the mobs, or get dominatedyourselfby a hoard of mobs makes the game very thrilling! Sadly, the latter doesn’t happen anymore because of the fact that the mobs are too easy to counter nowadays. They are incredibly easy to counter. For example, you can just run away from zombies if you’re in trouble, and you can just strafe around to avoid the skeleton’s arrows.

This is why theDungeon Mobs Mod was born. TheDungeon Mobs Mod is a mod that adds several new mobs into the game. Unlike other mods that do this, however, all the mobs added into the game thanks to this mod are all hostile towards you, and will attack you on the spot. According to the mod developer, this mod was meant to be the complete opposite of Mo’ Creatures, meaning that the mobs added into the game thanks to this mod are meant to add difficulty to your game, rather than addambianceto it.

This mod definitely makes survival much harder. For starters, this mod adds several hostile mobs in the overworld, as well as underground. This means that mining is much harder, and just when you think you’re safe to make a run for it home, you will be in for a big surprise. In my opinion, this makes Minecraft much more fun and challenging as well.

All in all, this mod is fairly grand, and is recommended for you if you are looking for a mod that increases the difficulty of the game, as well as adding several mobs in the process.

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Dungeon Mobs Mod

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