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Are you a maze person? Do you want more structures and ruins in your game? Well the Dungeonpack mod adds 26 new structures, five of them extremely large and confusing. The new structures that are added into your game are the pyramid which spawns in desert areas, the temple of death which spawns in all areas, the mystery rooms which are found deep underground, the graveyard, the ship, the spider box a deathtrap filled with spiders be ready for a fight unless you go in the day, the tree house, the forest prison, the jungle prison, the desert prison, the nether prison and the barn. This mod also adds the mystery which looks like a stonebrick tower, theCreepercoloss which spawns creepers look like a giant creeper face made from sand stone, the obsidian tower, the fort, the ice fort, the first aid ship which is filled with bread to fill you up, the floating island which has a enchanting table inside, the swamp temple, the small temple, the nether temple and the igloo. The more difficult structures are the treasure which is an underground structure(picture below taken in the air so you can grasp the power of this structure), the floating NPC village which is extremely dangerous to walk on, the NPC town which his a large village with many iron golems and many villagers, the huge ship which is extremely large you may get lost and may have a hard time getting out without marking the areas you have been through or breaking the terrain, and the glorious temple of pq2the floor is coated with pressure plates one wrong step and its over. In the situation of exploring one of these structures bring some wool or stone whichever you prefer to mark as you go so you can get out unharmed. So now you can find all these structures and take their treasures for your self.



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DungeonPack Mod

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