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Dynamic Lights – When you hold a torch in real life, the torch will light up thesurroundingarea and the light will follow you. Shouldn’t Minecraft do the same?

TheDynamic Lights mod is a mod for Minecraft that makes it so an item, such as a torch, will light up the surrounding area, even if it’s in your hand or if you drop it. Torches aren’t the only thing that get affected by this mod though. Currently, the items that have this same effect are torches, glowstone, glowstone dust, jack-o-lanterns, redstone, and a lava bucket. On top of that, fire and burning mobs and blocks will do the same too! Anyways, this mod is useful if you are mining, and are running low on torches, or if you are try to make a horror machinima where there is no lighting other that the torch in your hand. Actually, that would be a really good idea, and I would love to see a well made machinima of that! Anyways, let’s get to the screenshots of the mod in action.

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Dynamic Lights Mod

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