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Instant Structures Mod – Craft buildings instantly with this mod! Create villages in mere seconds!

Building makeshift villages in Minecraft is very tedious. Sure, it’s possible, but it can take quite a while to build a decent looking one. On top of that, if a creeper comes into the village, it’s pretty much over from there, and you will have to rebuild, wasting even more time. One can argue that you can just find an NPC village, but most of the time, you are usually established elsewhere, and the NPC village you find is probably quite a distance away.

Then there’s this mod. The Eight Instant structures mod is a mod that attempts to resolve the village creation problem by allowing you craft eight different blocks, each creating their own type of building. Considering the fact that the recipes aren’t too expensive either, this mod is great for even survival mode, and it doesn’t even have to apply to making a village.

For example, there’s one block here that creates a villa. The only rare item there is to is would be the iron block, and if you think about it, iron isn’t even all that rare if you mine correctly. This could drastically change the way you start world off because you can just mine just one tree, slay about three sheep, destroy some grass, and spend the night mining in a cave. By sunrise of next day, you should be able to have enough materials to create the villa. In fact, you’llprobablyhave enough materials in the first 8 minutes of the game if you do everything in an expeditious manner.

All in all, this mod is amazing! I woulddefinitelyrecommend it for anyone who would like to create their own village in a fraction of the time, or would like to experience something different for once in survival.

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Eight Instant Structures Mod

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