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Ellians Material Detector – Discover valuable ores around you in a more elegant manner, and at the same time, maintain the fun in mining! Who needs X-ray when you have a radar?

Findingoresin Minecraft can be very difficult. For one, they are randomly generated in the world, so this means that there’s not really any technique to mining them. Sure, you can strip mine, but that takes ages to do, and is almost not worth it. You can also try to dig all the way down, hoping to stumble into a cavern, but that is incredibly risky, considering that lava also randomly generates everywhere. You can use X-ray, but that takes the fun out of everything really.

That’s where this mod comes in to save the day.Ellians Material Detector is a mod that adds a radar into the game that helps you find ores. On top of that, you can actually choose which ore you want to look up! All you need to do in order to do so is to press the “n” key. In order to change the zoom level of the radar, all you need to do is to press the “b” key, and it will toggle between the zoom levels.

This mod is incredibly practical because, not only does it show the horizontal view of where you’re at, but it also shows a vertical view if you want to dig straight down!Whatthis means is that you will no longer surprisingly fall into lava, losing all your stuff. This mod also works in Multiplayer. Even though I am against this if you’re going to use it in Multiplayer, it is much more useful than an X-Ray mod. For example, some servers have an ore obfuscation plugin geared towards X-Ray people. This mod doesn’t use the same code the X-ray mod does, so this mod remains unaffected.

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended if you are the kind of person who would rather spend more time doing other things rather than mining.

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Ellians Material Detector

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