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Emerald Tools and Armor Mod – Ever wanted to have another use for emeralds other than decoration and trading? Well now you can thanks to this mod!

Emerald Tools and Armor Mod is a mod for Minecraft that, well, allows you to craft emeralds into tools and armor, rather than using them for trading with villagers, or currency if you treat it as such.

Even though this mod is going to be used very rarely, mainly due to the fact that emeralds are extremely rare,the tools and armor will definitely give you a treat if you manage to gather enough emeralds. The emerald tools are essentially diamond tools, except for the fact that the tools break blocks at a slightly faster rate (with the exception of the shovel, but in reality, the only kind shovel you need is a stone or iron shovel). The emerald armor, however, has the same durability as diamond armor, except that it’s green. If you manage to find that one villager that will trade an emerald with you for something cheap, such as 20 pieces of wheat (you can usually find much more than that if you are in a big village), you can have quite an advantage early-game.

All in all, I would recommend this mod to anyone who would like to give emerald more uses than just currency. Now for Some screenshots ofthemod.

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Emerald Tools and Armor Mod

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