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Enchantment Grid Mod – Ever wanted to enchant an item, but wanted to know what the outcome will be? Then check this mod!

TheEnchantment Grid Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you pick which kind of enchantment you want, by adding a certain item. In order to keep balance though, you’ll still have to have a certain amount of experience points in order for the enchantment to work. For example, if you enchant a sword with an iron ingot, you will get Protection I. rather than just getting it then and there, you’ll have to give up five experience levels in order to get it on top of the 1 iron ingot.

This mod is very useful in the survival portion of Minecraft. Rather than hoping for a good enchantment on your sword, you can actually choose which enchantment you want depending on the item you put in. Now you might be wondering, “how do I know which kind of items I could put in in order to get certain enchantment I want?” Well, you could either go to the official forms post (link belowc), or you could download the enchantment list, which is also below. All in all, this is a good mod for people that like to enchant their weapons and armor, who would like to know what enchantment they will be receiving. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Enchantment Grid Mod

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