Enchantment Table English Translation Mod


Enchantment Table Translation Mod – Ever try your hand at enchantments but couldn’t wrap your head around the strange languages? Fret no more!

The Enchantment Table English Translation Mod is a very helpful mod for those who, like me, were turned away from enchanting due to the strange language the enchantments were encrypted in. While the name of this mod is quite the mouthful, it serves a simple and obvious purpose.

As the name suggests, it turns all enchantments from the language they are originallyinscribedin and puts them in English. Now, one can jump into translations immediately without looking up countless guides on the internet just to add some basic enchantments to your equipment. As the screenshot below show, the enchantments are now legible, however they’re rendered in somewhat broken English (nothing new on the internet), but still legible with a little reading.

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Enchantment Table English Translation Mod

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