End Stone Plus Mod


End Stone Plus Mod – Make tools out of End Stone material! Put some use to the End Stone that’s everywhere!

Ah, how I love the End dimension. It really gives off the vibe that its the end of the Minecraft world, and that theres a final battle thats going to occur. The problem, however, is that once you finish fighting the Ender Dragon, theres not much left to do in the End. You can build an Enderman farm, but thats pretty much it really if youre looking for practicality in the End.

That was the case, until the End Stone++ mod came into existence. The End Stone++ mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds practicality back into the End dimension by making it so you can craft various items with End Stone. This means that you can go back to the End once you beat the Ender Dragon in order to mine all the End Stone.

This mod, in essence, is practically cheating, but if you manage to beat the Ender Dragon, then you are probably at the point where even cheating wont really make you progress any further, but rather, make it more convenient for you, because lets face it. If you are fighting the Ender Dragon, you are most likely stacked with Diamond gear from left to right. The reason I said this mod is practically cheating is because of the fact that this mod makes it dead simple to modify the durability, damage, and speed of the tools and weapons, meaning that you can make the ultimate weapon or tool if you wanted to.

All in all though, this mod is pretty nice. It may be a small addition to the game, but it definitely gives life back to the End, and makes you want to go back. Anyways, if youre looking for a mod that gives use to the End, then this mod is for you.

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End Stone Plus Mod

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