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Do you enjoy weapons mods but cant find one that satisfies your needs? Or do you just want weapons with that little extra “umph”? Well with the Energy weapons mod you will find the “umph” your looking for. The energy weapons mod adds approximately 13 weapons and around 30 other blocks and components, such as batteries, wire, ammunition etc. Some of the weapons that are added into the game by this mod are the laser pistol, the plasma pistol, the laser RCW, the teals cannon and the Gatling laser. The laser pistol is is a basic semi automatic weapon that can hold up to 30 rounds and can be fired up to 400 times and deals up to 8 damage to any neutral or aggressive mobs. The plasma pistol is a more powerful weapon but has a lower firing rate and deals up to 12 damage, can hold up to 24 rounds and can also be used up to 400 times. The laser RCW is an automatic rifle used to take out enemies from a distance, can hold up to 60 rounds, does 3 damage with each shot, and has 400 durability. The Tesla cannon is a weapon that can fire bolts of lightning towards your opponents, can hold up to 20 rounds, can be used up to 80 times and deals 25 damage with each shot. Last but not least the gatling laser is an automatic weapon with a 250 clip capacity, 1500 durability and deals 2 damage with each shot, fires at a lot faster speed in exchange for damage. The energy weapons mod has a large variety of weapons for you to experiment with and enjoy. Use weapons with a fast firing rate but deal less damage or take your enemies out in one shot the choice is yours.

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Energy Weapons mod

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