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Equivalent Exchange Mod – Advanced alchemy, transmutation, dark matter, and a thousand other things for Minecraft. Let’s get a little more in depth now with this mod.

The equivalent exchange mod is an alchemy mod for Minecraft. The mod adds a bunch of new content to Minecraft, such as the Philosopher’s stone. However, getting these materials legitimately is quite hard. For example, the philosopher’s stone requires redstone, glowstone, and a slimeball. This means that you will need to mine quite a bit, travel the nether (meaning you need to make a nether portal, which requires obsidian), and you will need to find a rare chunk that spawns slimes. However, due to the difficulty or getting these items, you can craft a slimeball, or you can use the alternative crafting recipe. Here’s an alternative crafting recipe that you can use:

Equivalent Exchange for Minecraft 1.8.1 - Philosopher's Stone Alternate Recipes

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Equivalent Exchange Mod

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