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Ether Mod – The Ether Mod adds A newdimension to Minecraft similar to the Aether Mod.

Do you want to add another dimension into minecraft? Then the Ether Mod is for you. The Ether Mod adds another dimension in your game. Compared to the nether which is a place consumed with flames the ether is the complete opposite. The ether is still a dangerous place with its guardians for example the paladin of the ether, and the angel guardian you can summon these guardians whenever you like but be prepared for a battle. This mod also adds ride able cows they look like regular cows but the are white, the porco alado the winged pig you find roaming the ether, the aranha the ether spider it is white and dangerous.

Have you ever wondered what happens to creepers after they die, well you might find them in the Ether they are blue creepers with halos floating over there heads. The trees that you find in the ether drop ether grapes. You can craft the ether portal with glowstone the same way you would a nether portal. This mod also adds two sets of armor, three swords, seven pickaxes, seven axes and seven shovels. Ether also adds three new ores for you to mine and a few diffrent blocks that can come i handy later on so hols on to as much ether resources as you can. So go mine all the ether resources, slay all the bosses and even kill the creepers again. You can even build a fortress in the world of angels, the things you can do with this mod are all but limitless so you go on adventures and explore the mysterious ether realm

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Ether Mod

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