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One the things that always ends happening is your tools expire and you have to use your precious ores to craft new ones. Well this mod helps solve that problem, this mod makes a very expensive recipe for you to be able to create your tools everlasting. When I say everlasting i mean you will never have to craft the tool you decide to modify will never ever break. Yay you might say but let me list the pros and cons, the pro is you will never have to craft multiple tools, and your tools wont break the one and only con is that once you add your tool into the recipe and you make it everlasting you can not revert the effect, and once it is done you can not enchant your items. Not too bad in my opinion but you just have to remember to enchant your items and you may end upregrettingit. So now with this mod you can can create a set of tools that will last you a lifetime or at least until you fall in lava or die and loose them somewhere haha hopefully that will not happen that is the worst case scenario. What i would try with this mod is try to make weapons and armor everlasting it is not specified whether it can or can not but it is worth a shot. So go hunt down these resources you will need or if you already have them go enchant your items the make them everlasting.

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Everlasting Tools Mod

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