Extra Biomes Mod


Extra Biomes Mod – Spice up Minecraft with a bit of variety across the land.

this Mod seeks to expand upon the biomes that have been added in the past few updates of vanilla Minecraft. This is a very extensive mod, with a hefty list of biomes and other additions. Biomes included in this mod include, but are not limited to;

  • Alps
  • Autumn Woods
  • Birch Forest
  • Meadow
  • Mini Jungle
  • Mountain Ridge
  • Redwood Lush
  • Wasteland
… with at least ten others included with this mod. In addition, several block types are added. This include, but are not limited to (I believe you get the deal now):
  • Autumn Sapling
  • Autumn Shrub
  • Brown Leaves
  • Leaf Pile
  • Orange Leaves
  • Red Rock
  • Fertilizer
… plus a slew of others. The mod can be downloaded below, where the link leads to the XL version of this mod, which is what was reviewed here. The only difference between the standard and XL versions is that the standard version does not include the additional block types.

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Extra Biomes Mod

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